About Photographers

During the last ten to fifteen years there have been dramatic changes in the medium of photography. Sometimes I feel like it's not the same medium that I embraced as an art form over 20 years ago. One striking difference is the accessibility of taking pictures and the meteoric rise of people with cameras and the images flowing from those cameras. In an attempt to study these changes I started photographing people photographing at a very popular spot for this activity near where I live.

I started this project with a certain amount of contempt. I made the pictures by blending in with them. I pretended to be one of them. I followed them around. They were my prey. What I found particularly interesting in the resulting images, however, was the variety of postures and gestures related to the challenge of translating a visceral experience into a photograph. The range of physicality in this common activity led me to see these people as individuals. They want to look at the world around them with a camera and bring home a picture. In that sense they are photographers just like me.